Nke Regatta Compass

Nke Regatta Compass


Under pilot, the system uses the boat acceleration data to apply a correction on the compass heading

The combination of the Regatta Compass with a Gyropilot (gyrometer integrated) enhances the pilot performance.

A standard fluxgate compass does not provide the boat’s acceleration data. Therefore, there is a damping for compass heading data in order to get a stable value; otherwise it would not be useable. The integrated gyrometer in the autopilot partly compensates for this but with clean data coming from the Regatta Compass, the performance is even better.

Nke Regatta Compass - No interface

Gyro-compensated over three axes, it accurately provides: compass heading, pitch and heel. This compass head is from the High Resolution sensor range.

The Regatta Compass is one of the highest technical specifications  available and featuresextraordinary performance in all navigation conditions with a greater than 2° constant accuracy. It keeps the boat on course in the roughest and most demanding conditions which subject the boat to  high rudder loads and roll and pitch, even greater than 30°. In calm conditions, you can rely on greater than 1° accuracy.

It is that level of precision that allows the Gyropilot to achieve performance at the helm whatever the sea conditions. Navigators appreciate this compass for radar applications: the radar image will always have a perfect North reference, which is required for radar overlay on the chart.

Its innovative waterproof design allows bulkhead installation. The Regatta Compass interfaces to the bus with a specific junction box or directly on a dedicated input on the Regatta Processor.

When the boat heels, the wind flow is no longer perpendicular to the anemometer and the rotor is slowed down due to less pressure on the cups. The wind speed reads lower values than it should. Heel angle data allows us to apply a correction factor. The wind angle is also affected by heel angle: For example, we estimate that a 25° heel angle generates a 2.5° error on true wind angle value.

Additional information



Warmup time

1 second (adjustable)

Data rate

4/sec with compass interface box connection and 10/sec with Processor Regatta input connection

Max turn rate

0 to 70° per second

Measure capacity (pitch & roll)


Dynamic accuracy (pitch & roll):


Resolution (pitch & roll)


Power supply

9V to 16V


< 220 mA


Diam: 113 – Height: 51mm


290 gr

Waterproof protection



CE, IPX6, RoHS, IEC60945