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Karver Winchless KJ10


Karver Winchless KJ10

The Winchless is a KJ10 flying ascender which couples to a hoist (not supplied) and a rubber band. As its name suggests, it is an alternative to a winch. When releasing the rope, the rope clamp opens automatically. This system is also known as the crossbow. It is particularly appreciated on sailboats where a winch cannot be used. You will find him aboard several Dragons well hidden under the bridge.

Our Part # KARPF840040 | Karver Part # PF840040



  • The Winchless Karver allows tension to be taken up on a sheet or a halyard using a hoist
  • Can replace a winch on small sailboats
  • Adaptable on the deck or on the mast
  • Compact set to keep the tack close to the deck
  • Allows to control the tension of a remote rope
  • The Winchless can be coupled to a trolley on a rail to avoid friction
    Description Imperial Metric
    Weight 0.61 lb. 0.28 kg.
    Work Load 661.39 lb. 300.00 kg.
    Breaking Load 1322.77 lb. 600.00 kg.